2nd Round of KOTR

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2nd Round of KOTR Empty 2nd Round of KOTR

Post by MisterDee on Sun Jun 15, 2008 4:35 pm

* Devil Soldier comes to the ring *

Dee: As I told u...I beat Lizard and now my opponent is TheBreaker!!
Dee: I know that TheBreaker is a tuff guy...it will be 2 powerhouses in this ring, and I know that it will not gonna be so easy!!
Dee: So, I just want to say to Breaker, that I really want to go for the 3rd round and I will do what it takes to make it to there!!
Dee: It will be a hell of a match for u guys...both of us will make an earthquake in this arena, and all goes down!! So, Breaker and you stupid crowd guys...get ready for the match of the year Twisted Evil !!
Dee: You're next Breaker

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