"The Man" Luke Champion addresses the crowd

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"The Man" Luke Champion addresses the crowd

Post by Mitch Shredder on Tue Jun 10, 2008 6:15 pm


Chris: We know that song, here comes POD.

Micheal: No, wait, it's just "The Man" Luke Champion on his own.

Chris: He looks to be in a bad way, he's on crutches!

Micheal: We heard about this on TFC.com, apparently he has a hairline fracture and some bruised cartilage.

Chris: Ouch!

Micheal: No kidding...

Luke gets in the ring, and grabs a mic.

The Man: ladies and gentlemen I have so bad news for you all and for me. last night as you all whatched the SNC match that I was in you saw this.....

(clip plays here)

Luke lifts Kenny and hits a powerful Body Slam!

He goes down to the floor and gets a chair...

He then goes up the ring again and puts Kenny's head over the chair...

He goes up the turnbuckle

Michael: What is he thinking!?

Chris: I think he is thinking of using his knee... On Kenny's head!

Michael: He is going to kill Kenny!

Luke jumps...



Luke starts hugging his knee!

Michael: I think he is injured!

Kenny the King tries a pinning maneuver

Referee starts counting...




The Man: as you saw I injured my knee and well it is not good. I have broken a bone in my knee and I have brusied my shin and my knee. now this means a few things, 1 I will be out of the king of the ring tournement, 2 I be absent from POD for this time and finnaly *tears come down face* I will be out of action for about 4 to 6 weeks depending on how the surjery goes. I'll miss you all, good fight and good night!

Micheal: A classy farewell by POD and SNS member Luke Champion.

Chris: I just realized Micheal, with the draft, this could be his last appearance on Slaughter! A weird thought to be sure...

Luke drops the mic and prepares to leave the ring.
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Re: "The Man" Luke Champion addresses the crowd

Post by the man on Wed Jun 11, 2008 10:46 am

updated by both me and mitch Smile
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