Rob calls Ivan Corvell

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Rob calls Ivan Corvell Empty Rob calls Ivan Corvell

Post by Rob Bailey on Tue Jun 24, 2008 9:47 am

Camera shows Mr. Ivan Corvell and Tobias Drake walking on the hallway, as the stop in front of Rob's door

Corvell knocks the door

Rob: ENTER!!

Corvell and Drake enters the office

Corvell: you wanted to see me Mr. Bailey?
Rob: please, sit down...

Corvell sits down as Drake is still standing

Rob: the reason why i called you here, is that i need Drake's animalistic rage and power once again. The winds of changes are blowing in SNS, and we are going with it. Now, Mr. would you like to join my new stable called The Brood? This is a one time offer for both of you, so if you need any time to think about it, please do it...

*waiting for response*
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