I'm back and thanks

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I'm back and thanks Empty I'm back and thanks

Post by the man on Sun Jul 13, 2008 6:05 pm

hey guys,

I am back from England and I can say it was great.
I have read as much as I can on the TFC closure and I am very sad about every thing
I would like to thank these ppl if they still look at the TFC forum,
Mitch I thankyou for all your help and freindship since I came to the fed and I hope our friendship can continue,
To Razor, Rob and Sir. Wankalot your help over my time here is just amazing I am completly in your debt,
To Travis (joey) and Breaker we have had many fights but I am glad that you guys have been apart of my time here,
To everyone eles thankyou for your help and friendship over my time and your time and I hope that our friendship can continue
Guys, I have been here from an early stage not the very start but close to it and I hope that we can keep in touch for a long time to come, This fed has done more for me then anything eles and to all of the people that contributed to it both past and present I thankyou. As for the future I am most likely joining CCW with mitch and hopefuly taking on a VGM roll of some sort but we will have to see. I will stay on this forum and I hope you guys will aswell.
good night, good fight
the man
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