His first title shot.

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His first title shot. Empty His first title shot.

Post by zolea on Thu Jun 26, 2008 9:05 am

::Zolea stands behind the curtain waiting for in introduction to face Razor sharpe in his first ever title shot. The sweat is running down the back of his neck, and then the music hits. As Zolea gets ready to walk past the curtain a hand catches his shoulder bringing him to a dead stop. With out turning around he hears Rob Baileys voice::

Rob: Zolea, The Brood is here for you.

::Zolea takes a deep breath::

Zolea: Rob, I think I want to face this head on. One on One. I know I can make him tap as long as I avoid his hangman.

::Zolea begins to move, but Rob clamps down on his shoulder::

*waits for Rob's response*

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His first title shot. Empty Re: His first title shot.

Post by Rob Bailey on Thu Jun 26, 2008 2:21 pm

Rob: Zol....you have been acting strange lately, is there something wrong, something i should know?

Zolea looks Rob, but doesn't say anything

Rob: i can see in your eyes that something is wrong......but no matter, you'll talk when you feel like it, and as far as this match goes, if you want, The Brood stays away.....i just want to say good luck...

Zolea nods his head and leaves, Rob stands still

Rob: what is his problem?
Rob Bailey
Rob Bailey

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