Holly talks to Razor in the Locker room

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Holly talks to Razor in the Locker room Empty Holly talks to Razor in the Locker room

Post by Razor Sharpe on Tue Jun 10, 2008 6:43 am

Holly knocks on Razor's locker room door. A voice from within tells whoever's knocking to "come in".

Holly opens the door to find Razor, accompanied by Bulldozing Monster and Bozzo. Razor is sitting in a relaxed fashion enjoying a cold beer. He's wearing a referee's shirt and has a hugh smile on his face.

Holly: "Razor, sorry to interupt you guys, but I just wanted to catch up to you before tonights match. This must be a different feeling for you tonight as you will be calling the match rather then simply competing."

Razor: "Holly, as you can see, ...... I'm not stressing about it. This feels like home to me. You see, in every match I'm envolved in,...... I AM the one deciding the outcome. I am calling a match between TURG and Rob Bailey. When it comes down to it, it really dosent matter who wins. The unfortunate prize for any wrestler on SNFC is a title shot against me, so as nice as that prize could be, it definately comes at a price."

Holly: "You obviously have an extensive history with Rob Bailey, is it in you to call a fair match?"

Razor: "Holly, like i said, Rob winning this match dosent concern me. We do have a history and our paths always seem to cross, but last I checked, I was the one holding the ultimate prize around here. I'm not looking to screw anyone over, if I see fit to knock someone's teeth down there throat, I most certainly will. You can bank on that."

Razor bumps fists with Bozzo and BM and takes a sip of his beer as the segment fades.
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Holly talks to Razor in the Locker room Empty Re: Holly talks to Razor in the Locker room

Post by Rob Bailey on Tue Jun 10, 2008 10:18 am

Holly steps in to the locker room with the camera crew, where they see Rob Bailey sitting in the circle of candles

Holly: umm...Rob?

Rob has his eyes closed, and not responding

Holly: Rob? can you hear me?

Holly waves his hand in front of Rob's face, when suddenly Rob graps Holly's hand, without opening his eyes. Holly is terrified.

Rob opens his eyes

Rob: let this be a reminder to you Holly, never....disturb me while i'm meditating....

Rob releases his grip on Holly's hand....

Rob: now, why are you here?
Holly: (shocked) umm....Rob..Mr. Bailey....errr...
Rob: i'll make it easy on you....
Holly: wha....what?

Rob looks at the camera man

Rob: Razor.....your time is up. You have been a champion for LONG time, it's time to step away from the throne, because that will be my spot again.....every era has to end at some point, and i will be the one who will end your reign.....by the time i have won the KOTR tournament, and taken away your title, you WILL refer to me as....."Your Majesty".....

Rob looks back at Holly....

Rob: now..if you will excuse me.....

Rob stands up

Rob: TURG is waiting for me.......
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